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Photo Stories

Ilan Shacham, award winning Landscape and Sports photographer, presents select photos and reveals the stories behind the shots. Some stories are amusing, some are intriguing and some raise serious doubt about his sanity. Together they provide a glimpse into a photographer’s mind and thought process, and illustrate the difficulties encountered and how hard work, determination and ingenuity facilitate overcoming any obstacle on the way to the perfect photo.

The talk is available in a regular version, fit for any listener regardless of photography experience, and a photographer’s version aimed at amateur and professional photographers.

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Dalit Sharon
HR Director
Kodak (Israel)

Photo Stories, Ilan Shacham’s lecture, was the keynote lecture at the opening of Kodak Israel’s employee’s summer photos exhibition.
In his talk, Ilan presented his perspective in choosing the photo subjects, the professional dilemma’s that lead to achieving the best results and revealed a fresh new angle in photography. In an orderly and consistent manner he led us on a photography trip around the country and the world, through all seasons, with and without his family.
Ilan’s lecture is enthralling and light mannered, Story telling assisted by a subtle humor and sharing the experience with the audience from a very personal, open and connective place. If we didn’t run out to buy a professional camera following the lecture, we surely started to look differently at our photography subjects.

Adva Shavit
Culture Coordinator
“Protea hills” retirement community

In the audience sat three veteran professional photographers, with many years of experience and knowledge, and I am thinking – “What can this young guy teach them?”
Their neck stretches with curiosity, the eyes shine with excitement and occasionally a cry of delight is heard.

Arie Fishler

A delightful lecture! An excellent opportunity to view superb fine art photos and earn a behind the scenes peek into the creative tricks on the way to the winning photo. Photography enthusiasts will learn a thing or two, and even those who just enjoy pretty photos will discover a fascinating world of color and stories of the devotion and commitment of the photographer on the road to creation.

Miri Rosenhouse

To hear what you wanted to shoot, the difficulties on your way to the shot, and the way you overcame them invited me to feel a part of the photography process and transformed every photo, which was beautiful all along, to something much more interesting!
Please book me a seat on the next lecture!

Roni Markovitz

There is something very charming about Ilan’s lecture, something personal – It is clear that Ilan is able to immerse all the participants in the experience. Everyone can profit from the lecture, whether a professional photographer, an amateur or one of those newfangled smartphone shooters. His points of view, perspective and shooting experience are revealed during the talk and raise an immediate smile almost on every face. A fun and experiential evening that fills you with inspiration and makes you want to grab a camera, go out and just shoot.

Alona Gilboa

A Magical presentation! The photographs fly you to amazing worlds!! The colors, composition, landscapes, ideas, ingenuity… And all of this is accompanies by astonishing explanations of the photographic technic and day to day experience of a photography enthusiast and chaser of natural scenes – How he integrates this with the ordinary life of work, family, fatherhood etc.
A joyous lecture. Fascinating and pleasing for the eye and soul. We invited Ilan to a house class in front of a circle of friends. We had a very pleasant evening and went home with a feeling of an enthralling magical experience we have just been through. I highly recommend it.