Ilan Shacham is an award winning photography artist based in Israel.
In his professional photography career Ilan specializes in the great outdoors – Landscapes, Cityscapes and Mountain biking photos, which have been licensed for commercial use by countless world renowned organizations, and published in major magazines, books, newspapers and calendars the world over.

Ilan’s true passion lies within his art – minimalistic and abstract views of the world around us, Characterized by high precision geometric qualities, symmetry and a flare for asthetics. His works refine the complicated world into clear shapes, forms and patterns, resulting in a thought provoking celebration for the mind and eye.

Works from Ilan’s fine art projects are available as high quality limited edition prints.
Most other works are available for licensing or as premium grade prints in a variety of media types, ideal for decorating the home or office.

Ilan Shacham