Photo Tours in Israel

Israel, Land of Photographic Milk and Honey

Israel is an amazing location for photography, incredibly diverse in a small space. From the green mountains of the north, to the breathtaking desert landscapes of the south, rich with canyons, rock formations and sparkling clean night skies.
From ultra-modern cities to ancient streets packing millennia of history into picturesque alleys where friendly people preserve the old ways of living and doing.
Stunning seascapes along the Mediterranean coast, and out of this world salt formations and colorful sinkholes on the shores of the Dead Sea.
Israel has something for every photographer, so whether you have come especially to tour Israel, are visiting Israel on business, as a stop on a cruise, or for your nephews Bar-Mitzvah, you should definitely dedicate at least a few hours, or days, for properly exploring and photographing some of its beauty.

Your Photography Guide to Israel

Hi, my name is Ilan Shacham and I am an award winning photographer and photography guide based in Israel, specializing in the great outdoors – Landscapes, Cityscapes and Mountain biking, with a passion for abstract and minimalism.
My works have been featured by countless magazines, newspapers, books and calendars worldwide, including National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, Popular Photography Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, to name a few. My photos have been licensed for commercial use by companies such as The North Face, HTC, IBM, Ford, Boeing, The Israeli Ministry of Tourism, The Israel Museum and many more.
My works have featured in many exhibitions worldwide, including a photo currently displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. .

The Right Place. At the Right Time.

As a native of Israel, who has been photographing here for many years, I know all the best locations (Not really, I keep finding new ones 🙂 ).
As an experienced photography guide, I will not only take you to the right location at the right time, but I will also give you the best tips and guidance to make the most out of the excursion and return with photos you will cherish.

Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, The Negev Desert, Makhtesh Ramon, The Dead Sea – It’s all here!

Your tour could include one or more of the following itineraries, and many others –
Tel-Aviv cityscapes – 3 hour photography workshop encompassing inspiring architecture and epic skylines in Tel-Aviv, the city that never sleeps.
Nachsholim Seascapes – 3 hour sunset tour of the rugged coastline – Stone arch, shipwreck, fleeting waterfalls, tidal pools and more.
Makhtesh Ramon – Sunrise to sunset of breathtaking desert vistas, colorful geology and wild ibex.
Milky Way Night – An evening of amazingly clear desert skies, shooting the Milky way with acacia trees, outdoor sculptures, mountains and vehicles light trails.
Dead Sea morning – 6 hour excursion to the Dead sea, shooting incredible salt formations on the water at sunrise, fantastic marlstone formations at Havarei Masada, bare acacia trees on the shore, epic views from above at Metzokei Dragot and all around beautiful Judean desert scenes.

Where Would You Like to Go?

Outdoor photography is very seasonal and also depends on the exact timing during the day. Let’s work together to ensure the best photography experience for you!
Drop me a line with your timeframe, approximate dates, photography passions and locations you find interesting (you can have a look at the photos on this page for some inspiration), and I’ll get back to you with an itinerary suited especially for you. I can accommodate anywhere from a few hours to a full blown tour of several days.

Phone: +972-54-990-4426

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